What was Katy Perry was on ESPN

Katy Perry sitting next to Lee Corso on the College Game Day set on ESPN. In America, anything is truly possible.

— Scott Rabalais (@RabalaisAdv) October 4, 2014

ESPN’s College GameDay was at Ole Miss today, and so was Katie Perry:


— KATY PERRY (@katyperry) October 4, 2014

VIDEO: ‘Did you say LSU or LS-PEW?’ Katy Perry uses corn dogs to pick Auburn over LSU: http://t.co/1J6yCQGKYZ pic.twitter.com/dPVG3UG7Fo

— The War Eagle Reader (@wareaglereader) October 4, 2014

HOT HOT HOT ::::> Katy Perry’s football predictions on ESPN College Gameday https://t.co/TlKp40fagj

— MarcusTheKatyCatMan (@marcusb929) October 4, 2014

Many of ESPN’s College GameDay faithful weren’t impressed:

Katy Perry guest picking on Gameday embodies everything I hate about ESPN.

— Eric (@rugggggg) October 4, 2014

Dear espn, I don’t care who Katy Perry picked to win this game. Katy Perry picked Russell Brand.

— Matt Van Dine (@ScrewstonAg) October 4, 2014

ESPN announcers talking about Katy Perry is as awkward as your dad talking about the Sports Illustrated swim suit edition.

— Brother Rick (@RickMuscles) October 4, 2014

Katy Perry please get off ESPN, you’re making everyone uncomfortable.

— stephanie smith (@StepOnMeSmith) October 4, 2014

ESPN Gameday lost some cool points bringing Katy Perry on set. Surprised she wasn’t wearing her lame hipster headdress #realtalk

— Scooter (@polndnjunkie) October 4, 2014

Someone get Katy Perry off ESPN #SaturdaySelections

— Yeff (@GerlicaJ10) October 4, 2014

Katy Perry looks absolutely stupid at #SaturdaySelections. Screw you, @espn. Between this and your @nhra coverage, why do you exist?

— Wade M (@kaleysdad) October 4, 2014

Hate that Katy Perry was the guest picker this morning. I think ESPN is losing sight of what they should be focused on, COVERING SPORTS!!!!

— Austin Solheim (@ajsolheim) October 4, 2014

Katy Perry being on college day game just strengthens why @espn is a joke

— Brett Krysan (@Earl_DaSquirrel) October 4, 2014

Please never let Katy Perry back on an ESPN set again. Thanks.

— Payne Roberts (@PayneHRoberts) October 4, 2014

Why is Katy Perry on College GameDay looking like a pink big bird? Know your audience ESPN, it’s not Katy Perry fans

— Brandon Hyer (@aHyerPower) October 4, 2014

Man, this Katy Perry hit on ESPN Gameday is absolutely brutal.

— Kendall Rogers (@KendallRogersPG) October 4, 2014

Did anyone else see Katy Perry on ESPN earlier for college game day? I like her but she was obnoxious #TeamTooMuch

— Kelsey (@KelseyHandler21) October 4, 2014

If you watched Katy Perry pick games based on helmet color, remember that ESPN suspended @BillSimmons for lack of journalistic integrity.

— Jared Carter (@JaredLCarter) October 4, 2014

Why the hell is Katy Perry the guest picker on #CollegeGameday. I wanna hear from someone who knows sports and football, not her #ESPN

— Chicks Love Me (@TheBroChad) October 4, 2014

Why the HELL is Katy Perry on #CollegeGameday ? Like ESPN what the hell? No don’t get someone normal or someone who likes sports.

— Audra Smith (@AudraLSmith) October 4, 2014

Oh my God, @ESPN, how the HELL did you allow Katy Perry to be your celeb picker on Game Day? Seriously. Awful. #saturdayselections

— ksimonetti (@ksimonetti) October 4, 2014

Well now I know what Katy Perry looks like. Good grief, ESPN. Ridiculous. #joke

— Jag (@Bama1Jag) October 4, 2014

Dear @espn please get Katy Perry the hell up off Gameday.

— Thomas Lamey (@ThomasLamey1) October 4, 2014

ESPN did get some kudos for having Perry on GameDay:

Katy Perry is a terrible musician, but she’s a great “personality”. This is genuinely entertaining. Good call, ESPN.

— Poseur (@ATVSPoseur) October 4, 2014

ESPN should just sign Katy Perry to a full time analyst position. Not much football knowledge, never been to a game, but damn entertaining.

— Randy Janinda (@janinda) October 4, 2014

@espn having Katie perry on game day was brilliant! She is like a breath of fresh are and funny as hell.

— kathleen canizaro (@katcan717) October 4, 2014

Bottom line:

Katy Perry is throwing corndogs. And like it or not, based on Twitter attention, ESPN probably just had one of its best guest pickers ever.

— Geoff Grammer (@GeoffGrammer) October 4, 2014

“Why is Katy Perry” is now trending. This is how ESPN gets viewers. So, mission accomplished.

— Roehl Sybing (@roehlteacher) October 4, 2014

Can we just get back to the games now?

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/10/04/ridiculous-college-gameday-viewers-wonder-why-katy-perry-was-on-espn-video/

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