Professional portraits of New York City’s foster children [7 pictures]

There are 13,000 kids in New York City’s foster care system. One small but beautiful way that some of these children are getting help is with the donated services of professional — and sometimes, quite well-known — photographers, who simply take high-quality portraits for them.

During May (which is National Foster Care Month) a series of these photographs is on display at The Children’s Museum of Arts. The exhibit is in partnership with Heart Gallery NYC, where you can read more about the kids below and dozens more.

Of course, it shouldn’t matter what a child’s photo looks like, but there’s no denying that it does make a difference when it comes to finding them a home. Laurie Sherman Graff, Heart Gallery’s executive director says that about a third of the children who are featured in this photo series end up finding forever families…

Angel and Christian





Victor and Lourdes



Finally, here’s a short promo for the project from Heart Gallery…

(via The Daily Mail)

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8 responses to “Professional portraits of New York City’s foster children [7 pictures]”

  1. Abraham says:

    Thanks! I edited the intro sentence…

  2. Melissa says:

    Oops!A correction needs to be made- there are 13,000 kids in foster care in NYC but not all are up for adoption. Most will actually be reunified (thankfully) with their families. It’s closer to 1,500 who are waiting to be adopted.

  3. MochaMom says:

    The young man “Demetrius” is a very bright young man. I would love you have him as an addition to our family. We’re not rich but middle class family. I’ve always wanted to adopt older children because they are the hardest to find homes. How do I inquire about a child posted here? Its time for Demetrius to come home…

  4. Shannon says:

    International adoptions are usually very expensive in part because other countries want to gain a profit and in part because of travel expenses etc. Private adoptions here in the us can also be somewhat costly. But adopting a child, even a baby who is in foster care? In almost every state it is low cost or even free! And so desperately needed! Even my town of 50k people has a Heart Gallery. I think a big reason people don’t adopt or when they do its often internationally, is because we are so unaware of the massive issue of orphans right here where we live!!

  5. Andrea says:

    We adopted through the foster system of the state we live in and it cost us nothing. Even the attorney waived the majority of his fees for us. If someone is truly interested in adopting, it can be done. Every state has hundreds and even thousands of children waiting for homes. Start there.

  6. slayerwulfe says:

    thanks for being accurate melissa. to jeff kim and andrea the problem is the number of ppl that would love to adopt a little girl that should never be allowed near one. the number of ppl that research other ppl and they have to be paid. slayerwulfe cave

  7. kim says:

    Jeff,In general, there are fees like application fee, dossier fee (paperwork – home study, obtaining copies of documents – marriage license, birth certificate, health assessment, police clearance, etc., translating, notarizing, etc.), agency/administrative fees, program fees (if you’re adopting internationally), travel fee, legal, post placement, etc. It does seem like an arm and a leg and sometimes fees are waived if a child is special needs, older, sibling group, etc. A lot of people DO want babies and a lot of countries require travel (sometimes multiple trips and/or a lengthy stay), whereas years ago, children could be escorted.It is a shame that it’s so costly. 🙁

  8. Jeff says:

    Something I don’t understand is why does it cost so much to adopt? I’ve known people that wanted to adopt, but it costs tens of thousands of dollars. These were just ordinary families, not rich, but well off enough to properly provide for a child, but not rich enough to afford this.Is it because some people only want to adopt babies? Is that what makes it so expensive? Or is there more to it than that? My parents adopted my sister when she was 2 1/2 and they were lower middle class. I was young, but old enough to know that it didn’t cost them a fortune. Has something changed in the last 40 years?Hearing from anyone with more experience or insight would be much appreciated.

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