10 Routines From Dance Moms With Powerful Themes

1. The Last Text

Style: Jazz
Theme: Texting and driving
Competition placement: 1st place at Nationals

2. Where Have All the Children Gone

Style: Contemporary
Theme: Missing children
Competition Placement: 1st

3. Living with the Ribbon

Style: Contemporary
Theme: Cancer awareness
Competition Placement: 1st Overall

4. Children with Guns (Runaways)

Style: Lyrical
Theme: The original theme of this dance was altered when it aired on television because of its controversial nature. The dance is named “Runaways” on the show, but was reported as “Children with Guns” at the competition. The audio from a competition video reveals music interrupted with news-style announcements on victims of gun violence.
Theme 2 (edited for TV): Youth runaways
Competition Placement: 2nd Overall

5. Rosa Parks

Style: Contemporary
Theme: Rosa Parks Tribute
Competition Placement: 1st

6. Don’t Ask Just Tell

Style: Hip Hop
Theme: Repel of Military Act, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Act
Competition Placement: 7th

7. Free the People

Style: Contemporary
Theme: The political nature of life
Competition Placement: 2nd

8. What Comes Around

Style: Contemporary
Theme: Bullying
Competition Placement: Did not win category

9. Trapped

Style: Lyrical
Theme: Homelessness
Competition Placement: 3rd

10. Nip and Tuck

Style: Contemporary
Theme: Body image and excessive plastic surgery
Competition Placement: Did not place

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