14 Fashion Trend We SORT OF Wish Came Back

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Fashion is a fickle mistress. One day something is in style, the next it is a fad we look back on and laugh at. 80% of the hairstyles from the 80s and 90s are jokes now, but back then? They were the best.

Why did some of these go away? There were some great styles that we have just glanced over and never brought back. How does wearing a super-soft tracksuit sound like a bad idea? I’m making a campaign for bringing these fashion staples back into the mainstream. We can do it!

1.) Head to toe velour sweat suits. We need these back ASAP. That’s comfort, 24/7.

2.) Pirate gear. How else am I supposed to carry my sword around?

3.) Colonial wigs to look classy for any occasion.

4.) Zoot suits have always been known to be a riot.

5.) Street urchin attire (oh wait, hipsters may have already made this a thing).

6.) Beehive hairdos, because where else are you going to hide the candy you bring into the movie theater?

7.) Bondage pants for those who are into whips and chains. And knowing where their wallets are.

8.) Knight armor. It keeps you shaded and impervious to most physical attacks. Fashionable and purposeful.

9.) Sherlock Homes hats for when you’re out investigating the whereabout of that late night snack you desire.

10.) Bowl haircuts are not only fashionable, but easy to make happen, all you need is a bowl and some scissors!

11.) Hoop dresses, back when women had the most INSANE curves.

12.) Canadian tuxedos, not just for Canadians anymore.

13.) Propeller hats to let people know you are just a lovable goof.

14.) Sparkly tutus. If it worked for Richard Simmons, it can work for all of us.

Imagine how cool you’d look walking down the street wearing some of these items? The answer is “super cool.” Share this post with your fashion forward friends…or your fashion backwards friends. Regardless, show them this post. We need to make some of these things happen.

Read more: http://viralnova.com/fashion-comeback/

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